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Our products display inspirational quotes from prominent scientists, and interesting science memes with captivating graphics. Check out our new arrivals below. Showcase your passion for STEM to the world now!

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Future of Global Youths

Sciencious Store

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to mobilize STEM syllabuses and resources for global under-resourced children. Our STEM apparel is designed exclusively by our executive board. All profits will go toward funding for educational programs of Sciencious.


    - Edward Teller -

  • Our Purpose

    Sciencious expanded into three regional tutoring programs in Vietnam, Thailand, and the United Kingdom in 2022, providing free STEM lessons to enthusiastic children and mobilizing educational resources (i.e. books, electronic devices, experimental equipment, and so on) to underprivileged children across the regions. Hence,  Sciencious launched this store to sell STEM products in order to raise funds for our tutoring programs. Help shape the future of global youths now by purchasing our merchandise and showcasing your passion for STEM to the world!

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